Oh man, suckered again by a sales associate...

  1. Urgh, I am reminded once more why I do not enjoy buying make-up.

    I'm trying to find a foundation and don't really care where it's from. I heard good things about Armani's foundation, so I went ahead and had the salesgirl do a demo on me. It doesn't look so great but here I am with a $60 foundation I already plan to return...

    So with my $60 foundation I don't like, I snuck over to the Gruelian counter where I was again told my "perfect foundation" awaits... and the woman was again very pushy but luckily I snuck away while she was helping another customer and said a quick "thanks, gotta run" on my way out...

    It's like they spend 2 minutes with you and then expect you to cough up the dough. I really don't believe half of them know what they're even doing...

    Anyway... maybe I need to go to Sephora or remain foundationless for my entire life... lol!

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. which armani foundation did you get?? =)
    yeah sales associates can be a bit pushy.........i find at sephora (the complete opposite) its hard to get someone to help you lol
  3. The Luminous Silk foundation... It just doesn't look great on me. I'm lucky I escaped without also buying the foundation stuff because it'd be a travesty if I put it on with my fingers, duh...
  4. if they become pushy, just tell them that you dont like the look and will shop around.

    they should get the hint. trust me hun, I use to work retail and I always got that customer that would put me in my place!! lol

    she wont get offended. she just sees green
  5. I'm sorry to hear that Armani's foundation didn't work out for you. I use their foundation, and really like it... except mine is the Designer foundation. Maybe you can give that one a shot since you'll be going back to return anyway? Just a thought.

    I understand how you feel about the sales associates. Sephora is definitely much better in that aspect... I haven't felt pressured there the way I feel at department stores, and they are usually more helpful without being pushy (again, this is just my experience).
  6. Back in the day I used to buy liquid foundation, after testing I'd walk outside in natural sunlight, and have a look at myself on a mirror compact or get someone else's opinion. Most cosmetic counters are affixed with bright lights that hide all flaws, the same kind of lighting used to photograph models, and it's difficult to gauge if the shade is too light, or too thick. That's why you will look perfect there. I've switched to mineral make-up now.
  7. I hate that too! It seems that every time I enter a make up store to get something, the SA tries to convince me that I must buy something else too. It's made me avoid the stores, honestly. after figuring out what I like I just order it online, it's less hassle and I don't end up with tons of serums and creams that do nothing for me.
  8. ugh, I am glad I have a great SA...the only time she asks me if I want additional products is if I had mentioned before that one of my lip glosses ran out. But it's more of a gentle reminder instead of a pushy question.
  9. I'm a little more forceful nowadays with SAs, I insist I don't want to buy the product! (and it usually works :p) But I feel REALLY bad afterwards, like I kind of wasted their time showing me stuff... so I always make sure to find and buy at least one thing I like. hehe
  10. When it comes to foundation, I usually tell the SA right away that I'm going to have to wear it for the rest of the day to see if I break out/get oily. For the most part, they understand.

    Same with mascara. I tell them I need to wear it for a couple of hours to see if it smears/flakes. Which is true.

    Sephora I can't stand though. Usually no one wants to help, and in my local store, the products are usually a mess, dried out, full of gunk, etc. I hate it!
  11. I returned makeup from Christain Dior today that I felt pressured to buy so I know how you feel! I totally knew while I was buying it that I didn't want it. I went to Sephora tonight and got something that I do like and now I'm happy!
  12. im suprised you didnt like the Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I just started wearing it last week and im in love with it! Sorry about your experience though, I have that too.
  13. I'm surprised you didn't like Armani either. I love it. Maybe try the powder one instead?

    As far as pushy SAs, I have no problem saying no to them. I go in with a purpose like "I'm looking for the perfect red lipstick for me, not one that looks great on "everyone". Most start bringing me everything from pink to burgundy. I just say "that's not red and I will look at the next counter, thanks". BTW, Russian Red by Mac is a great red. Or you could do what the other people suggested, tell them you want to test drive it to see how your skin reacts.
  14. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Armani. I use Armani Luminous Silk too and love it (I have combination skin and found the designer foundation to be too oily on me after a hour of wear). The SAs should have let you sample the product though. They are trained to give a 7-day supply to try out.
  15. Yep, I feel you. I understand SAs though; I believe most, if not all, work on comission. But what I usually do is say something like, "Thanks, I'm gonna look at some more options." Smile and walk away!