Oh Man Oh Man


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Hopefully **crosses fingers** it will be here before the weekend!

And I will definitely post modeling pictures when I get it, you girl better believe it!

I haven't been registered for too long on here, but I lurked for a while, and you girls are sooo sweet and helpful. I really appreciate everything!!!


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I totally understand. Before I called JAX, I ordered my bf $600 worth of parts for his car. That's all he's getting :smile: He thinks I ordered several things, but I knew he really wanted cams for his motor, so I went ahead and bought them for him.

Along with my bag, I ordered my mom the skull keyfob, she will loooove it!


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Aug 25, 2007
Wow! That is beautiful! I didn't realize you could order off the Japan website. I have looked out there, but it was in Japanese. Do you have to call JAX to order from there?