Oh MAN I LOVE Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows!

  1. I visited my first Sephora store over the weekend. Usually I order from them via their website. Anyways I came across Urban Decays booth. Never heard of them before. I tried a sample of their green shade, Graffiti, and DIED at how intense and WONDERFULLY pigmented they are! I never EVER would spend 17 bucks on a single color of eyeshadow but this weekend I bought 5, including Urban Decays Primer Potion. I just love loud bright eyeshadows and I'll never us anything else!

    I got Peace

    I regret getting Ransom because I think I woulda liked Adore better. But anyways, YUMMY EYESHADOWS!
  2. I like thier eyeshadows too. I think they blend well and have a nice rich colour. I like to use the colour 'X' with the colour 'Mildew'. There is a lilac shade that is pretty too (cant remember the name) but it has a lot of sparkle in it and i find with their sparkly shadows, you often end up wearing them all over your face as well as on your eyelids!
  3. I LOVE their eyeshadows are well. i bought one of their kits that comes with 8 - 10 (samples sizes) of their eyeshadows for $32. i just wish they had more matte colors.

    i was so used to digging into eyeshadows with my brushes to get a little bit of color that when i started using UD shadows i applied WAY too much. now all i have to do is dab once or twice into the shadow and it's the perfect amount!
  4. I haven't tried their other eyeshadows, only the Deluxe ones. Do the shades POP as much as deluxe?
  5. Well, the deluxe ones are designed to have more intense colour than the regular eyeshadows so i dont think the regular ones are as vibrant but there are still pretty colours available though. There is hardly any difference in price between the two so maybe stick to the deluxe ones if you prefer really intense bright colours :smile:
  6. Congrats on becoming an UD eyeshadow junky!!! Their product line is SO much FUN...
    that's my favorite combo too.
    Have you seen theri new matte collection yet?!
  7. i only remember seeing like 6 or 8 matte colors in stores.
  8. I love their metallic "Midnight Cowboy", its a taupe with lots of sparkle!
  9. They're now up to 12. I know it's not a whole lot, but it's better than what they had before.
  10. I recently bought the color Peace, I love it!!! It really pops the color of my eyes.
  11. i love this colour too!! i have to go try more of their other colours, esp since i just became obsessed with eyeshadow!!
  12. Nice!! I've never tried Urban Decay's shadows, but it seems like you're hooked! Might have to try them later on!
  13. I love UD shadows. I need to order some more. Unfortunately I don't think there is anywhere local to get them here.
  14. i'll have to check them out again... i want a dark brown matte color but when i checked before there was only a light one or a purpleish brown color
  15. I have UD's black shadow with silver glitter (forgot the name) and it's the BEST for doing a smokey eye! A little goes a loooong way with that stuff!