Oh Man, How Much Do I Hate It!!!!!!

  1. I hate it, i hate it, i hate it!!!!
    I am officially addicted to the SPY!! Ahhhhhh This is silly. I have bid and bid again on e-bay! But it is scary as you never know if they are they real deal or not. Where is a good place i can buy a spy for at a good price? I saw the one someone else posted here about the white wisteria on sale at NM. I can't believe i missed that!! Can any one help me. Ideally i would like a Petrol but i think that is impossible.
    Thanks in advance :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Fendifan,
    Just about everyone in the Fendi group here is likewise addicted :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: Welcome to Our Group! On spys, you can check out some websites like jomashop.com, bluefly.com and Neimans/Saks as well. For auctions or personal trades, you can submit photos to the Authenticate this Fendi thread (check it out in advance to see all the fakes...some are pretty good :wtf: )

    Fendi no longer makes Petrol, so to get one you would need to get a preowned one at auction or via consignment shop. However, there is a new Blue called Blueberry, that many Fendi-folks like as much or more. Even Baby spy is in the Blueberry!
  3. Thankyou baglady1. Ill have to start searching for the blueberry.
  4. I've been spending lately otherwise I will love the blueberry spy too. It's just gorgeous!
  5. I think I saw a Petrol on eBay yesterday. It was like $2400. You can check and see if it is still there and have it authenticated here.
  6. Aw all things come to those who wait! I waited over a year for a petrol to appear and it did! so just keep your eyes open and I am sure you will find one - remember to get it posted here.

    The Blueberry is a completely diff colour to the Petrol - more of a navy as apposed to the teal colour of the Petrol, it all depends on what would suit you better

    Will keep an eye out for you

    Good luck
  7. yes, I think you come to the conclusion pretty fast that one spy is never enough lol :biggrin:
  8. Yes, i saw the petrol spy on e-bay. Is that a good price for one? $2995 USD??
  9. That's more than what it would have originally retailed for--personally, I'd rather get the blueberry new from somewhere reputable rather than messing with a petrol for that price.
  10. Yeah I agree. When you are paying that much you might as well get it brand new. It'd be cheaper getting a brand new blueberry from net-a-porter. I think it came to about $2400 AU when I did the conversion.