1. I am so excited about this forum! :yahoo:
  2. Roo ~ I Like This Section, Too!!!
  3. Oh hello, I didn't realize you posted a thread like this too! I'm over-joyed, excited, ecstatic and can't wait to share and read what tpf gals/guys have to share :love:

    Plus, it'll motivate me back into my cob-web ridden kitchen! :upsidedown:
  4. Omg this is sooo cool, I just found these new subforums, I thought I was seeing things because it was 3 in the morning.:shocked:
  5. YAY!!! :yahoo:
  6. Me too!!
    I used to cook a lot but I have not cooked for ..a long awhile..:shame:
    This forum will encourage me to cook again?? LOL..or just drooling thinking about the food..:wlae:
  7. Roo you are going crazy here!!! We are glad u like it!!!
  8. I was thinking today that I should go over to another Cooking Forum I used to go and just been told about this forum today! now I dont have to switch sites! I am so happy! My favorite obsession: cooking and handbags all at the same site!
    Thanks a bunch Vlad and Megs!!!
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