Oh Lordy....look what the cat dragged in....

  1. .....a little something with Red Berries! :p
  2. .....and a little something "Capucines".........
  3. oooo--I haven't seen that colorway of the berries yet. Pretty!!

    Again, I would really like to swap your cat for mine--yours has much better taste . . .
  4. I gotta get a cat like that. Man.

    Beautiful c/w on that scarf, SHOPMOM. I love it!
  5. Very pretty!!!

    Are these from the Alaska trip? There must be more.....
  6. I love this! I have it in white but I think the brown just too gorgeous! Oh my, Muffin has been beee-zee!:roflmfao:
  7. ...to go with a little something......OLIVE! :graucho:
  8. What's the colorway on the "Capuchines", D? It's really lovely! (Nice job, Muffin...)
  9. WHOA D! Holy Guacamole woman!!! FABULOUS!!! Size, leather...details, please!

    And the scarves -yummy YUM! How gorgeous! Gotta love that cat...:p

    (Really love your Chemins de Garrigue - what is that colorway called? )


  10. If she says there's not, don't believe her!


    LOVE the red berried, D...that was a very hard one to score, and one of my fave's!!
    SO glad you got that capucines, too!!
  11. You just snuck that "little something olive" in there, didn't you? OMG It is gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats on the kelly and the scarves!!!
  12. I swooped on that little Capucines and just flung it on the pile!!!!!! It took all of one second!!! LMAO!!!!!
  13. whoa! I wrote too soon. Gorgeous kelly!!
  14. KATE I have no idea what that color way is called on the "Chemins...." 'cause I thought I was buying something black but it's a delicious deep Chocolate with navy! :shrugs:
  15. I'm in love with the Kelly and the Chemins. They're making me a little lightheaded just looking at the pics.

    Congrats on all your fab buys!