Oh, Lordy. If I weren't so broke right now...

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  1. Very cute Psueb - do you follow blue-fly often? Does their merchandise follow a pattern of mark-downs?

    Perhaps the bag will go down even further and become accessible for you.
  2. Oh my thats beautiful...return everything you just purchased including food! Purchase that beauty. (just kidding but what a thought):idea:
  3. very cute! but your going to pass up the seat cushion purse?!?! (J/K)
  4. Even if it's marked down further (which I doubt because the really nice Chanels get snapped up quickly on Bluefly), I've got to hold off on buying any more bags for a couple of months, as we have an upcoming ski trip in 3 weeks and those lift tickets don't buy themselves, LOL! Somebody here should buy it so I'll know it's gone to a good home!
  5. This would be a beautiful addition to any collection.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm waiting until we redecorate the yurt to see what colors will work best.
  7. Definately forget the bag and enjoy the trip! As a fellow skier I would rather ski!
  8. Really? Either I don't really notice or I always visit the site when they restock because that's been on bluefly since they introduced that they were selling Chanels.

    The ski trip sounds marvelous though but if you get lucky, bluefly sometimes have 10% - 15% off the entire site. :amuse:
  9. Yes, we're only able to go skiing one week a year, and I like to be able to fully enjoy it. There will always be another bag to lust after.
  10. Good to know. Today was the first time I've seen it there.
  11. It is a great-looking bag! I'm going on a ski trip in two weeks! I'm headed to Lake Tahoe to ski heavenly. Were are you headed?
  12. Beaver Creek, Colorado. They've been getting SO MUCH SNOW!!! Way above average. I'm psyched!! Have a great time in Tahoe, hear they've had beaucoup de neige as well. It's a beautiful area.
  13. All this ski trip talk is making me very envious. Have fun at Lake Tahoe Kat and have a great time at Beaver Creek Pseub!!

    You two should share pics with us if you get the chance ;P
  14. I wait until it's on clearance but by then, you run the risk that it's no longer there. The sweetest deal would be if hte bag you want is on clearance and then you have a 15% off coupon on top of that!