oh lord! Violet cervo lux!!

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  1. So, pretty!
  2. its in the hobo style too - i want it so bad but ive heard that styledrops is more exy than most places? but i cant find this bag anywhere else ... has anyone seen it IRL?
  3. I don't have ideas, but I agree - Eeeek! It's so pretty!
  4. The prices do look higher on everything, but that bag would be worth it!
  5. if anyone in the US sees a violet cervo lux hobo bag can you pleeeease let me know ...
  6. I LOVE it! Go for it!
  7. The Violet looks sooo good, I love the cervo lux finish...

  8. Yes, but if you paid retail in the US and with sales tax, it's about the same as most of Styledrops prices.
  9. ive emailed them and they said that they do have sales but nothing at the moment ... although she did say to let her know which bag i liked so she could help me ... in my dream world she will write back saying 'sure, have the hobo violet cervo lux for $1000'. hee hee.