oh look! this little guy followed me home from saks..


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
I've always been a fan of this print, I saw it once for sale online, on a girl at school who does the triple bag trend.:Push: And at Saks. I always would pick it up, and then put it back and move on. Today I saw that they were on sale 40% off! The total came to almost 200, darn taxes. I was going to buy the coach legacy pouch for quick errands, but I thought this would be more unusual. It also slouches nicely too may I add. With that said, what do you think?


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Oh How cute. I have that trouble....all these stray bags wanting to follow me home. I have such a soft spot for such needy things. And you hardly have to feed them much at all. You can even lock them in the closet. Very low maintenance.
thanks! its sooo light, literally I'm just carrying the phone, wallet, sunnies, and jotter weigh, thats it. and I could really cram alot in this little sucker. it is rather different, not something I usually get but, we'll see how it goes tomorrow when I take it on a test run!