Oh Lindsay!

  1. Rehab didn't last very long, did it?
  2. oh dear....
  3. for some reason, this isn't very surprising to me. I think I sense a pattern here...lol
  4. well this is a little tame compared to the photos of her snorting coke! but she definitely needs to start hanging out with more innocent peers.
  5. Gosh she is just ruining her career. Like someone else mentioned previously, not very surprising behavior for her.
  6. Not surprised... does anyone else notice that her right boob is poping out of her swim top?
  7. Why can't she just over do it and get it over with?
  8. it's so sad
  9. Personally, I say who cares...I even feel a little sorry for her..I wouldn't have wanted my every mistake at her age reported, let alone if I had her kind of money and free time.
  10. nopes. it sure didn't! :p

  11. That was the first thing I noticed! :confused1: