Oh JOY!...

  1. So..I'm flipping through my latest copy of ELLE and spot the New Limited Edition Gucci "Joy" Bag. It has the Gucci Logo with a :heart:NY at the bottom. I soooo want this bag!!...

    I went to the website and saw the "Joy" with just the Gucci logo and I would still get that one. I read where the limited edition NY Gucci Joy will only be sold at the Manhattan store. So ...my only thoughts are....call them up and send it down South...or just settle for the plain Gucci "Joy"..hmmmm....decisions, decisions :girlsigh:

    ***oh...the pic of the Gucci NY "Joy" is on page 109..Feb ELLE
  2. I love the joy, just saw it IRL and am adding it to my wishlist.
  3. I saw it too and it is a really lovely looking bag!

  4. Sounds really interesting, I would love to see pics!
  5. scan please :tender: i really wanna see!! I guess i'll check it out whenever i hit up target or walmart :p
  6. Hi everyone. I'm sneaking in from the LV forum because I saw the same article in Elle. I took a trip to Gucci on 5th Avenue at lunch time to do some recon about these bags (and get added to the wait list). Estimated price is $650 and they will be in sometime around the first week of February.

    Between this and the Prada Fairy Bag, poor LV isn't going to be making that much from me this year!
  7. The Limited Edition?....650$!!!!...It's mine!,,,,,:yahoo:
  8. ^^ $650 is the price I was quoted. And to quote Ren & Stimpy: Happy, happy, Joy, Joy! You just need to order it from the NY store.
  9. for only $650? that's cheap for a limited edition piece!
  10. Cute! Thanks for posting the link, I could not find it on the website.
  11. Wow, that's really cute! Gucci loves NY...
  12. Its 650 for a reason....
  13. What does that mean love2travel? Snarky much?

    I have the joy without the logo and its cute. This is a very affordable bag and hey, a nice break for the 2-$3,000 I usually spend. Can not wait to see pics when you guys get the NY bag! ENJOY The price!! :smile: