Oh Jill, what did you buy?......

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  1. Has anyone heard from Jill? I think she just got home today, UNLESS SHE GOT STUCK IN PARIS---LOL.

    But inquiring minds want to know---give it up--what did you buy???

    We want to see prada, non prada, chanel, gucci, you name it.
  2. I second this!!! Can't wait to see jill's reveal!!!
  3. Ohh..did someone SHOP?! :biggrin:
  4. Bring it on baby!
  5. :popcorn:
  6. ^ Yeah really!!!!! Dying for pics of loot girl...
  7. I know, but I can't tell. :graucho:
  8. Almost as much as we are dying for pictures of Emmy's luggage tag!!! We haven't forgotten Emmy!! :lol:
  9. I forgot about Jills trip! Can't wait to see all the goodies she got
  10. PP, spill.... spill.... spill :yahoo:
  11. Prada Psycho, what can we bribe you with?

  12. Not a thing. My source is highly private and my lips are sealed. :devil:
  13. :popcorn:
  14. :yahoo:^ I brought the camera home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    I will take pics and post later....:biggrin:
  15. Hahaha, this reminds me of that Hermès sale thread started by the marchesa.

    Jill, yoohoo!!! We want to see!!! :woohoo: