Oh jesus.

  1. I just called Ala Moana.

    They have several Speedy Inclusions, RileyGirl. I have a Pomme and a Framboise on hold.

    I also, um... have a Pampelonne on hold. They have a new GM, and they're holding their display PM for me. I NEED A BEACH BAG, OK?!
  2. oh boy hehe....i say go for the speedy inclusions!!
  3. A pampelone? that thing is a monster! you want a ride down to ala moana tomorrow? lol! I am going to call as soon as I can send my husband to the bathroom. HAHAHA!
  4. Emily, promise me right now that we'll never ever ever ever exchange cell phone numbers! I don't want to get no LV Booty calls from you, EVER!

  5. Pampelonne is hugh in the GM. PM is just gorgeous! JMO
  6. pampelonne is very nice!

  7. You started this afternoon just wanting the keychain and now look what you did :yes:
  8. Yeah, I'll probably go with the smaller one. We'll see. Haven't ever seen them in person! Thinking of picking up a MC Koala tomorrow, too! EEK. I'm super excited, though! A huge one could be good to hold two beach towels, etc... we'll see! Hopefully their floor model isn't banged up. It shouldn't be.

    Hehe, I'm going to UH tomorrow so I'll be in the 'hood! I was so shocked when she said they had a Pomme Speedy Inclusion --- woot!
  9. Oh, I talked to I THINK ANNA, but it could have been Janna and I just didn't hear the "J"... Isn't Janna your girl?
  10. I can't remember who has one on here either Syntagma or Twinke Tink. Do a search.
  11. Well, it prob was Janna. For sure I can't call she is going to SCOLD me! I'll have to go in incognito. I told her I won't be back until March 11th and here it is all of 4 days later? I swear they didn't have them out when I went on Saturday. They must've just gotten them in.
  12. They validate at Waikiki and they had every color except White. What are you going to get when we meet if you pick everything up tomorrow? :p
  13. ROFL ROFL! 4 days is a pretty long time for an addict.
    I'm so excited, I can't wait for tomorrow!
    Ok, time for schoolwork... ahgh can't concentrate.
  14. I NEED a speedy inclusion!
  15. MC Petite Noe :smile: