Oh jesus. Buyer saying my bag is fake.

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  1. Help me guys...

    I sold a used Gucci bag on eBay a few weeks ago. Here's the link:

    no one is allowed to link their auction

    (Note that I posted links to two pics of the serial code in the Questions and Answers section).

    Today I get the following message:

    [FONT='PrimaSans BT,Verdana,sans-serif']I need you to contact me as soon as possible. The Gucci purse that I purchased from you is a fake bag. My girl took it to the gucci store and they told her it was fake. I hope to hear from you soon cause I paid you for a real purse,not a fake one. My email is ____. Hope tp hear from you soon. [/FONT]

    The bag is certainly authentic - it was purchased from a Gucci boutique in Ala Moana in Hawaii.

    What do I do? I said no returns. The buyer has 2 feedback (including mine). Obviously a scammer.

  2. Uh OH......hope they don't try to send you back a fake one and keep yours. Maybe someone on here can tell you what to do next. So sorry this has happened!
  3. I dont think there trying to pull the ol' switcharoo on you. Your bag had a few flaws that would be hard to duplicate. I think they might have been missinformed by an associate at gucci. I had the SAME DARN thing happen to me. I sold a coach Leigh legacy flap a few months ago. The buyer took it too a coach store to have it authenticated and the associate told her it was fake. Needless to say I received a very Irate email that day. Anyway I told her There WAS NO possible that bag was fake and sent her a copy of my nordstroms reciept. She took it back to the coach store talked to a diff associate who said it was real! So maybe this is the case...or buyers remorse.
  4. Ok either they didn't have the bag checked out and they SAID they did (maybe they're familiar with the way the fakes look instead?) or they did and got a clueless SA. I'd suggest that they go back to another store that sells Gucci and have them look at it, then provide you with the number of the person they talked to.
  5. I'm so ticked off right now.

    What can they do? Can they have PayPal give them their money back? I e-mailed them back and said the bag could not possibly be fake and they should ask for a Gucci manager and I'd need the boutique location, phone, manager name and phone...

  6. Well for now you just have to wait and see what there going to do. If they file a dispute they'll have to have a letter from a gucci store saying its not authentic. Which takes time and money. And if there bluffing about it being fake they wont be able to get a refund from paypal. Sorry your going through this! It sucks!
  7. They need to have a manager look at it. They also need to say it was a gift from a relative or something, because if they said it was bought on Ebay immediately red flags go up and the store personnel will assume it is fake!
  8. by any chance, do you have a receipt of the purchase? if not, maybe you can call the gucci store where you bought it from and ask them for a copy of the receipt from them. im not sure what you can say to them tho...
  9. I wanted to say the very same thing. If you don't have a receipt maybe you can find this transaction in your statements and get a copy of receipt?
  10. Yes, get a copy of the receipt sent over from Hawaii and get them to have someone take a second look at it, encourage the buyer to post their own pics of the item in the authenticate thread of tpf. If there's still a problem, tell them you will only accept a refund if they get it verified as a fake through an authentication service such as caroldiva.
  11. Hm, I bought it around 5 years ago and I'm pretty sure I paid cash. Does Gucci keep records for that long?
  12. For seven years, I think.
  13. oh my, im very sorry to hear this. i just hope she didnt switch the bag.
    yeah, try to pull up your info w gucci, ask her to have a manager speak to you while authenticating
  14. Dear buyer. Please feel free to post photos of this bag on ebay shoes forum or on the purse forum and people will give their opinions on this bag.

    Or feel free to contact one of the authenticators listed to authenticate this item (lise the authenticators)
  15. Hi. Sorry this is happening. In my experience the sales people at these high end stores often have little idea of authenticity. I would message the seller and reassure her that the bag is real and this will be confirmed if she asks for further opinion.