Oh it's Over - New LV Boutique less than 5 minutes from home!!

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  1. ohhh booo tpf'ers went to the opening?? bah, I didn't keep up so I didn't know there was a meeting. but are you serious we are getting a store??ohhh that is going to be joy LOL!

  2. Yes we had a meet there on Saturday. It was a BLAST... I had so much fun..

    PM me your email address so I can add you to the evite list for all upcoming meets.

    I am thinking about the date for our next meet is going to be Nov. 1 in Beverly Hills
  3. I used to live sooo near the Topangga Mall prior to our move here in Jp. I'm soooo glad we're not back there yet or I'll be in sooooo much trouble! LOL
  4. I hear ya, i live only 10 min walk away from the LV boutique.
  5. That's awesome! I'm looking forward to "new reveals"!
  6. Lucky you, my nearest one is an hour away :sad:
  7. wow that would be so nice but very bad for my bank account.
  8. I have 5 LV's within 5 miles of where I live. Hollywood and highland, Beverly Center, Century City, Rodeo Drive and Saks on Wilshire
  9. I lived in the area (melrose adjacent) for a few years but the constant traffic drove me absolutely nuts, so I moved out to the valley near calabasas to get away from the traffic, but still be near enough to the city for occassional projects which has been a blessing for me!

    p.s. I love your blue doggy stroller - Cha Cha has a pink one, because pink is my favorite color even though he is quite the snobby manly-man!:graucho:
  10. Uh oh, you are in so much trouble!
  11. i missed living in socal..... i remember when my son was 2to 3 yrs ... all we do is hop malling... start in the morning don't go home still everyone is close:yes:... and now the nearest to me is the san francisco w/c is 45mint.
  12. i live in the burbs of Chicago. the closest one to me was a small counter inside a Marshall Fields (now Macys) but now they're opening a real store at the same mall next month! can't wait! 3 stores in the area!
  13. I also live 10 minutes away from an LV boutique, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom... Luckily they are all located inside the mall and there is always a lot of traffic in the parking lot, so I try to avoid going to the mall. I'm proud to say I've only been inside that LV boutique less than a handfull of times and haven't purchased anything... YET! :P
  14. Now you will find out what willpower is and if you have it or not-I feel sorry for you!:blink:
  15. Let me tell you the new boutuque rocks!!! I went to the meet up and purchased my GM neverfull there. The store was swamped so I am hoping when I go back this week, to get a SLG or a Inclusion piece that it will be a little less crowded. But I was so happy how helpful and nice the staft was! this mall is right by my gym! work hard and then give myself a reward!!!