Oh it's Over - New LV Boutique less than 5 minutes from home!!

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  1. Living in the LA suburbs, I always had a good reason to not go into the LV store on a regular basis because of the traffic in the hollywood area and the beverly hills area and I steer clear from those places, but oh there is a LV shoppe in the new Neiman Marcus right down the street in the Topanga mall in Woodland Hills...and I can see it being over for me LOL!

    I'm already planning on going back this week (it was waaay too crowded this past weekend) and am going to get the water color monoprint belt & a purse charm to spice up my fall mono bags.

    watch for lots of goodies - oooo la la!:nuts:
  2. oh boy!!! awesome! i have 5 20 minutes down on the strip so I hear ya...it is so easy to pop into any ONE of them!!
  3. Oh you're so lucky, my nearest one is 1 or 2 hours away when I'm at Uni. I'm used to 40 mins down the road :P!
  4. Oh, I would be in so much trouble if I lived 5 min from an LV! LOL

    Luck for my dh, it's an hr drive!
  5. 5 minutes from LV? That's going to mean lots of trouble ;)
  6. you may have to move...lol..
  7. Uh oh... somebody's bank account is gonna be aching! :P
  8. Oh, dear...
  9. Lucky you! It takes 2 1/2 hours to get to my closest LV!
  10. i live in 10 min away from saks, bloomingdale, neiman marcus and lv boutique... I visit different lv 2 times a week
  11. Wow!!! Lucky you!!! That would be amazing (to have a boutique so close!)
  12. wow ,that is trouble! LOL! I am interested in taking a ride to the new one you are talking about. I live in valey but its still a 40 minutes trek.. but that mall out there is great ,has a gucci inside nordstram's too. we'll be watching for your new goodies ......
  13. Uh oh! I smell trouble w/ someone's bank account! This LV is closer to me than the other 4 in Los Angeles!
  14. W/boutique so near, I smell trouble~ haha. Hope you find lots of goodies and share many goodie pix w/us :nuts:
  15. I wasn't able to attend our Neiman Marcus Grand Opening this weekend with the TPFers (boo - :tdown:) but I'm in the same boat as you. I live in West Hills - and oh my God - :faint: - and now that all four of my kids are in school during the day....uh oh.....I could be in BIG BIG trouble.....:sweatdrop: - someone keep me away......!!!!!

    Seriously - you know we're ALSO getting an actual STORE in that mall sometime late this year/early '09 so that's going to be whacky. I actually prefer the store over the department store - I don't know why....but that's just me.....
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