Oh I wish these are mine...

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  1. I just wanna share my mom's hermes collection. She has another violet kelly, which she left in Indonesia and which I can't wait to see too.. I love her bags.. Not particularly like the color of her birkin, but she loves it.. Oh well it's ostrich.. Enjoy! I'll post her kelly when I go to Indo...

    Hopefully I can "play" with them too.. I don't think my mom will let me carry her birkin as she thinks I'm too young.. :sad: Hopefully I got mine soon...

    PS: I sneaked the two bags to my brother's room just now and take a quick photo of them.. hahaha I feel like a thief.. :P

    hermes tote.JPG

    hermes birkin.JPG
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Thanks for the pics wellow! Could you ask your Mum what color is her Birkin ? :love:
  3. Is that a Spy I see in the corner? :smile:

    Anyway, why don't you take a picture of yourself with the Ostrich. We here at PF will be the true determinants of whether or not you look "too young" for these bags, then you can show your mom our posts. Maybe she'll pass it on to you!
  4. Oh my...you've got sharp eyes Clanalois!

    It does look like the braided handle of a petrol Spy!:smile:
  5. So chic!
  6. Hahaha.. it is indeed my petrol spy sneaking out of the picture.. Heads off to you fellow pursebloggers for noticing some thing like that...

    Gigi: the color is chocolate brown.. I doubt it my mom knows the official name of that color.. hahaha... she keeps forgeting stuff even the dimension of her own birkin she forgets hahaha... And just now when we walk in to the hermes store she has to ask me 3 times for the size of a kelly bag.. and she have to ask the SA there to write down the kelly bag that she had just ordered... Plus she keeps forgetting the color that she wanted.. which is cognag... hehehe.. I just love her...

    I'll take my picture with the bag tomorrow.. I'm already in my jammies now...
  7. Your mom's Hermes bags are stunning ... lucky you, someday they'll be yours!!
  8. Thanks for posting the pics wellow. Do you have another sister? If not, I'm sure your mom will let you play with the bags :smile:
  9. that ostrick birkin is hot :love::love::love:.....must stop looking before i start getting any ideas of actually buying one :sad2:
  10. Another Indonesian! Hey Wellow, i am Indonesian too. Glad to see you here! Love your mom's collection. At least she doesn't have to wonder where you got the love for Hermes bags:lol: . Post pics!! We would love to see them!:biggrin:
  11. Wow! Love that ostrich birkin! The color is so rich. TDF!
  12. Beautiful! I'm a big chocolate brown fan. It looks like either Cocoan or Ebene to me... I'd love to know for sure. :smile:
  13. Take heart wellow, they'll be yours someday.:biggrin: Meanwhile, I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind you borrowing them once in a while.

    Really love that birkin....:love:
  14. Beautiful bags! Thanks for letting us take a peak.
  15. Wellow...never too young for a Birkin. I saw a girl that couldn't have been older than 4 and she had a mini. Her sister was being pushed in a stroller and she had a LV. They both had a stack of gold bangle bracelets on their arms and each one had diamond studs in their ears. It was a sight to see! Do I agree? I think it is a bit too much, but hey...they do make diamond tennis bracelets for little toddlers, so people must buy all that. So, my point wellow is if you can write and post in this forum I don't think you are too young!!!