oh... i need to rant! >:|

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  1. i have just had a very bad experience with Nordstrom. i placed my order on 2 Hudson Moto mini on Sunday and now the under 100$ promotion is undergoing. i went there and saw these 2 bags still available. i chatted with them and they said my order placed a day ago was cancelled due to lack of stock. if they're really out of stock, how come these 2 bags were included in the 100$ promotion? I DO NOT GET IT :mad: i was really hoping to get these 2 bags for my birthday and now what i got is all disappointment.

    i had the same experience with Bloomingdales this January. the catalog showed the item available for days and then the CS told me my order was cancelled due to lack of stock but the system still showed it available. cancelled again and it's still available. what is happening? does it imply these companies don't honor overseas orders (i'm guessing)?

    what's worse is i only knew about my orders being cancelled after i asked them for an update. if i didn't pursue, they did nothing and kept me waiting for nothing :hysteric:

    ladies, does it happen very often? (ooops sorry) has this ever happened to you (i hope not)?
  2. I've just had a similar experience today with Bloomingdales...item OOS and I had to wait 5 days to be told this, and only once I had asked them for dispatch information. BEYOND ANNOYED! I feel your pain!!!!

    Where can I get my electric blue mini MAC from now :sad:
  3. Hi! Yes I had a similar situation during their anniversary sale. It was for a 3 zip w/gunmetal. I gave up. Then one day I looked and tada there is was. Available again! It's so annoying.
  4. Yes!!! GRRRRRR! I had it happen over the Thanksgiving holiday with Saks as I tried to order the quilted moto bag. I ordered it and then they emailed me two days later saying my order was canceled. However the item was still in stock on the website. The Saks folks acknowledge it was still on the site and could still be ordered because they wouldn't be able to update the website for several days. I was soooo angry. Especially because it took two weeks for them to put the money for the order back in my account. Sorry this has happened to you! Especially around your birthday!
  5. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, especially you had those bags in mind as your birthday treat.
  6. these companies use the same business system (they ship ww using borderfree), if i am not mistaken and it sucks... i really love Amazon but it does not ship the bags of recent season worldwide anymore. it looks like it wanna keep the stock to local customers first and if it doesn't sell then they might open it to overseas customers. if that is true, it's discrimination!
  7. I've never had any trouble with Nordstrom though I do ship it to a relative in the US. Bloomingdales(and their affiliated companies) on the other hand will not process your order if your ip shows you're not in the US as you are purchasing, regardless of shipping it in within the states and using a US CC. You have to call and redo the order manually. Which makes absolutely no sense to me because what if I was just travelling and wanted to get in on a sale.
  8. i did have a successful shopping experience with Bloom last year. like Nord, Bloom also partners with Borderfree who takes care of all intl orders. that's how i bought from them. but their stock system really sucks. always inaccurate info and CS blamed for many orders at the same time. i highly doubt about it cuz i have tested it. i could put 99 of the same item in my cart and then in less than half an hour, it's out of stock. if it's real, then it's making money almost every second, just for this particular item LOL

    they have no intention to change the system cuz this error repeats all the time. i'm disappointed and finally gave up.
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  10. Hmm.. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I've never had the experience but I am now dreading that to happen to me. By the way, what colors of the Hudson were you supposed to get? Also, advanced Happy Birthday and sorry for the disappointment of not getting what you want for your birthday. :sad:
  11. the stunning Orangina (for me) and lovely Neon Pink (for my friend). they're on 50% discount... too good to be true :storm:

    anyways, life goes on... thanks for your best wishes for my bday :cool:

  12. Aww that really sucks. So terrible! I hope you still have a fantastic birthday even with this disappointment! :balloon::hugs:
  13. Very pretty! I hope it is real! But that is great it seems to come with the shoulder strap clasp!!

    So sorry about your experience. I hope it doesn't ruin your birthday.
  14. This has happened to me with Bloomingdales and Barney's, too both times during sales. Not much you can do about it except shop elsewhere. I hope your replacement from two so is authentic and nice. And happy birthday!
  15. I saw this on their site. Hope it helps!!