Oh~I love this speedy<3

  1. I saw this recent sold item on let-trade and I loved it.
    I missed it when it was available on let-trade, so anyone here purchased it? I would like to see the pictures of it. How much was it on let-trade? Do you think that I still a have chance to get one in that great condition? TIA
    lv-v51-01.jpg lv-v51-03.jpg lv-v51-04.jpg lv-v51-06.jpg
  2. That is a beautiful bag
  3. WOOW Its a beauty!!!
    Do you know whats the name of this epi ??
  4. Lovely.
  5. It's lilac EPI speedy 25, but it's discontinued...
    I was disappointed that I missed the item on let-trade:crybaby:
    I guess it wasn't that popular than other colors, but I love it.
    (I saw only one person got this bag in the EPI club)
  6. That is one beautiful bag. I love speedies and I love that color. Good luck in your search!!
  7. What a beautiful Epi, so hard to come by in this color.
  8. So pretty!
  9. That's a beautiful color - it would be wonderful for spring!
  10. I think you have a 50/50 chance of finding another in a good condition at a great price. ;)
  11. I saw this too :love: It's absolutely adorable, I want one so bad... have it on my list :yes:
    Good luck finding one!
  12. That color is so pretty.
  13. It's so beautiful!
  14. yep, it's so delicious and made me thinking about Taro bubble tea, hehe...
  15. I think the color is pretty!