Oh, I love this LV... Hudson

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  1. OMG, I just saw this when I pasted the link and now it's gone....Geez....Gotta be quick with Eluxury if you want a purse, huh?

    Haaa Haaa...

    Unfortunantly I cannot afford this, at least right now but it is nice!
  2. I've seen pics too- it's really cute, like a more practical Manhattan.
  3. i like it.
  4. I'm not sure why, but this bag doesn't do it for me. But here's a picture for others that may love her more !

  5. I have this bag and love it! it is very fumctional, with the shoulder strap, yet it has an edge to it with it's style, a little more city/rugged looking, chunky with the thick leather straps and brass details. I get many compliments on it. It's great size. Go for it. It's worth the money!
  6. I like it!

    it has a clean line but with a bit of complexity, nice!
  7. the bag has so much going on~ like the flat and then the buckles...it reminds me of 3 diff. styles put together~
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