Oh I Love my SA!!

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  1. I went to SCP LV today to drop off my gift for my SA (box of chocolate & Visa GC), and she was certainly surprised at the gift... to quote her, "Oh my goodness! You customers... and chocolate~!! Are you trying to make me fat? haha" hahahah.. she's so funny.. I went in to also pick up 3 more of the Icons Books for my friends, and asked her to put in some extra bags so I could give them out with the books all boxed up..

    so I went and paid, and she came out with a humongo bag with all 3 boxed up books, extra bags, some gift card tags that have the perforated "LOUIS VUITTON" on it.. and she threw in some shoe bags for me! :nuts: She was like, "You came so suddenly, I wish I knew you were coming! I didn't know what else to give you, so I gave you these shoe bags so when you travel you can protect your shoes and your clothes."

    :yahoo: So now I have 4 shoe bags.. They're basically the dust bags that come with the shoes when you buy them, btw.. not an actual.. Excursion or something. haha. BUT! She did say the next time she's in Paris, she'll save some extra goodies for me! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:

    Oh I love her to bits.. if anyone is new or hasn't established an SA at SCP LV yet, go to her! Sherry is her name.. (and tell her I sent ya to her.. haha ;) )
  2. What a sweet SA! I wished all of them were half as nice as her.
  3. Awww great SAs make all the difference!!

    I got one of those preforated tags attached to the box of my groom bandeau....so cute!!
  4. Very sweet of your SA..
  5. i love mine too :smile:
  6. That is so nice of her.
  7. She sounds so nice.
  8. so sweet of her
    and you too
    i only post a card to my SAs
  9. wow that's AWESOME! i wish i had my own SA. i dont buy enough to warrant it though. though almost everything i have has been from the same store in bermuda.
  10. What a nice SA!
  11. Awww, so sweet :love:
  12. oooh. i hope i meet her next time im at south coast plaza!!!!
  13. awww lucky you! I wish I had a nice SA I can go to! heck, I wish I had a LV boutique here so I can have a SA I can go to!
  14. That's so cute! I gave my SA some chocolates too, and I went in today and she screamed at the top of her lungs "I LOVED THE CHOCOLATES!" lol
  15. Omg what a lovely SA!