oh, i just can't help myself, my SS 06 black city !

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  1. Very pretty indeed!!!

    Enjoy her... and now let me look for mine!!!:graucho::P
  2. So pretty! I wouldn't know which one to choose every morning!
  3. oh gorgeous!! i loved my 06 black city....sold her but she was yummy =) congrats!
  4. Your 2 bags are just gorgeous, ladyisobel. As someone said in an earlier post, it must be very difficult choosing which one to use. The leather on your '06 is fabulous and I just love the black cherry colour. Congrats and enjoy!
  5. Gorgeous bag!!!! *drools*
  6. Oh this bag make Candy happy. :heart::heart::heart:
  7. :drool::drool::drool:
  8. he he, thanks guys ! x
  9. she is gorgeous!!! how did you find a black 06?!?! congrats!
  10. she came to me from a great pf lady !
  11. lol, i like the analogy of your black cherry. it really helped me get a feel of how delicious the black city must be
  12. i'm hoping after 2 years, the black cherry might feel as silky as a freshly shaven armpit ?
  13. both look good! congrats! i'm beginning to see some consistency in bal leathers, not necessarily across batches in same year but all years. the 'waves' on your 06 aren't as different from what i've seen on 08 bags. and some 05 don't look as great as they're lauded to be. the missing link is in the feel of the leathers to get past existing perceptions.
  14. Congrats!! I'm enamoured with your BC - the colour looks divine!! Not as brown as some of the others posted on here!
  15. its a very strange colour to photograph, i was amazed at how red it came out on this one, in other pics i've posted it looks so different .