oh, i just can't help myself, my SS 06 black city !

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  1. i just wasn't expecting the leather to be this delicious on this one, it really feels like silk, especially on the back ! it makes my black cherry feel like an old mans 5 o'clock shadow !


    next to mr.black cherry, who, by the way is showing his colour quite nicely at the moment .
  2. oooh, that 4th pic is a bit blurry, sorry about that !
  3. Beautiful... absolutely beautiful... thanks for sharing :yes:!
  4. Gorgeous leather!! It looks pristine! Congrats
  5. OMG! Congrats, your 06 black is TDF! it looks so yummy, the leather is gorgeous, I love it! :love: Your Black Cherry looks AMAZING as well! they make a lovely couple :smile:
  6. Gorgeous leather :drool: Congrats!
  7. they do, don't they, the black seems to bring out the red more !
  8. wow your jet black city looks amazing :drool: so squishy and smooth and soft! congrats!
  9. :tup: They are so pretty! The leather is TDF~ CONGRATS!!!
  10. Very pretty! Congratulations on that awesome leather and color.
  11. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. Great leather!!..congrats!!!..You got great pieces!!!

  13. WOW! Definitely YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  14. She is amazing :woohoo:
  15. yeay, you got a black city and a gorgeous one to boot! congratulations I love it!