Oh, I am SOOOO Excited!!!

  1. My new Beverly GM arrived today!!! I ordered her a few days ago on Louisvuitton.com, and made it home today in time to greet the FedEx man - I almost gave him a hug! :yahoo:I will try to post pics later today/tonight. The only frustrating part is that one of the side snaps came broken, so I'm going to have to take my new baby into my LV store next week to have her repaired. Oh well, nobody's perfect, hmm? But Ms. Beverly sure comes close!! :yes: Thanks for letting me share my excitement! I LoVe tPF!!!
  2. Congratulations!! The Beverley is a beauty!!
    Excuse me for saying, but if something broke on it right away, perhaps you should send it back for a flawless one..
  3. Oooh! The Beverly's so pretty! Can't wait to see pics. Congrats on your new LV!
  4. I thought the same thing, but they are sold out right now (I think I got the last GM on Louisvuitton.com, none on eLux, none in stores), and I think it would be quicker and easier to just take it into my local LV than to send it back and wait for a flawless one. I don't know? Thank you for the suggestion, I fully agree, but I don't think I'm patient enough to wait. :smile:
  5. congrats on yr new bag....:tup: LV boutique also take sometime for repair...:yes:
  6. Aha.. I totally understand, I am very impatient also!! I hope LV does the repair for free at the very least?!
  7. They def should do it for free! But ask if they can't locate a flawless baby Beverly for you or how long it would take to get one in. It might take less time than a repair.
  8. congrats!!~ post up pics so we can all see!
  9. Thank you! I just called 866 Vuitton, and they said to return it, and they will send me a flawless one as soon as they recieve the return. I guess I will just have to relax and wait a few more days for a flawless bag! :p Once I get her, I will post pics!
  10. congrats! xx
  11. congrats! hope the repair won't take too long!
  12. Yay.. I think you will find that waiting for the new one is much less than waiting for a repair!
  13. Congrats!! I know that "wanting to hug the FedEx man" feeling! I had that last spring when he brought me my baggy pm!
  14. Congrats, this is one of my favorite bags... it just SCREAMS elegance!
  15. oh congrats you proud mama! i hope the repair is fast and easy for you so your baby will come home to you sooN!