Oh I am so annoyed

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new here and am furious with eBay at the moment (well not eBay - those timewasters who bid on an item and then fail to pay). My boyfriend bought me a Chanel Cambon Pochette for Christmas. It is absolutely stunning - but a silly purchase really given that my wallet is nearly bigger than the bag and there is no chnace I could ever fit any of my extra junk in it, so I decided to sell it on eBay (my first ever selling experience).

    Someone had bought it within 24hours, paid immediately with an echeque via paypal, and then almost bombarded me with requests to post immediately. Being of a rather careful nature I replied that I would post once cheque had cleared in my account. Lo and behold - it bounced. Had I been more trusting, more naive, I would have just lost a very expensive bag - I'm sure it has probably happened before. Granted, sellers should be careful, not take buyers word etc, but what has really annoyed me is that nothing will happen to the timewaster who commited the crime (slight possibility I may be having a melodramatic moment here). They should be kicked off, force to pay, whatever, but something more serious that a slp on the wrist with a negative feedback..

    What do you all think? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has anyone actually lost an item to one of these conmen? Opinions would be appreciated.
  2. Report them for non paying bidder and neg them.
  3. Have you contacted them since? Are they going to pay with an alternative method? You could give them a second chance and benefit of the doubt.
  4. Well I received notification yesterday from paypal saying that the payment hadn't gone through then emaild the buyer almost immediately askinging them to repay. I got a reply saying "no maam ship it now, im going out of town it will clear". Normally I might give somebody the benefit of the doubt but this particular byer was new to ebay and in the space of about 72 hours spent a small fortune on bags / TVs etc (silly person left feedback for everything they had bid on so I culd see what they had bought). Now personally, I always know roughly how much I have in my bank account, and wouldn't run up a tab of a few thousand £££s unless I was certain I could pay...
  5. I'd do what is suggested above, file npb, neg fb and move on...that buyer is sketch. Shame on them, not worth wasting your time with. Sadly I'm sure there have been many sellers scammed this way.
  6. Sounds like a scammer. Do not ship anything to them.:yucky:
  7. Scammer...just file a non paying bidder and neg like someone has mentioned. :smile:
  8. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I feel u on the time wasting thing. I just recently sold several things(10) and I have one person that is lagging on payment. After looking at the feedback I know she will not pay, having 5 out of 11 neg for nonpayment. I will offer the second chance to the second highest bidder and hopefully she takes it. I will file npb and hopefully ban her from my future auctions. I haven't figured how to do that yet! I want to know how many npb's is a person allowed to have?

    Again goodluck! I hope u successfully sell ur bag!
  9. This is obviously a scammer, do not post anything, give negative feedback so that if they retaliate with a negative then ebay will remove it for you. Definitely file a non paying bidder dispute & get your final value fees back, you can then relist the item. It is awful when this happens & an auction is spoiled, unfortunately it is happening more & more recently. Could have been an account hijacking also if you say a lot of bags were purchased!
  10. file npb and move on. sorry for this crappy experience,, that is some top notch bull crap.
  11. I'm revising my previous opinion. Based on the fact that they've been bidding on multiple items, either the account has been hijacked or they are a scammer. File NPB and relist the item. And block this bidder.