Oh, I am Scared!

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  1. Well, I did it. I bought the following pre-owned mono Alma off eBay today. The total price, including shipping, was $450, which is half retail, but still alot of money for a bag I have never seen!:sweatdrop: Actually, I am returning a $200 D&B bag, which will cover part of the cost. It looks like good condition, except for some watermarks, which I think I can clean off for the most part with babywipes and a conditioner, from what I have read here. Tell me, did I make a mistake? Not that I can change my mind now, because I am committed! Oh, woes me, why couldn't I stay satisfied with my handbags from Home Shopping Network, or those cheap Nine West bags at Macy's, lol.:crybaby:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON ALMA $880.00 EXCELLENT USED (item 230068317199 end time Dec-27-06 18:00:38 PST)
  2. If I don't respond, it is because I might be too afraid to read the replies. If everyone tells me I paid too much ,and that the bag looks too worn out to them, I would be so sad...:crybaby:
  3. Aww congrats though! You got a really great bag for an even better deal!! :party:
  4. I had looked at that one, too! This looks to be about the going rate for a used Alma. The thing about Almas, the vachetta spots easily. It looks pretty good. Know the fear thing, I always think it insane to spend over a certain amount on a used bag unless it is practically new.
  5. calm down, it looks fine
  6. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: It looked great and once it patina further the water marks will blend in. Good price too IMO.:yes:
  7. The Alma is a very beautiful bag!,congrats!. Be careful cleaning it with baby wipes though!.
  8. Don't worry abt it, the vachetta will even out :yes: Good deal! Congrats!
  9. Congrats!! Great deal indeed!
  10. It looks great to me! Congrats!
  11. Congrats! Great price! Enjoy!:yes:
  12. Congrats!

    Really gorgeous! Enjoy it! And it a great bargain!
  13. You got a great deal! Take some pictures of you with your "new" Alma and show it to us!
  14. I think it looks great and you got a wonderful price! I wouldn't recommend touching the vachetta though, it will even out and even if it doesn't it still looks presentable and not very used imho, and I am reaaaaaaally picky about things looking perfect. I had a mono speedy 30 that I got used from an eBay friend and the handles looked significantly darker than the diamonds and I wasn't happy with it and sold it, but if it had looked like this in regard to the vachetta color I would have kept it. what is the year on it? it doesn't look to be vintage but is described as such.
  15. Looks great...I wish I had bought my alma used...I hardly use her!