OH How Sweet ORANGE Is!

  1. This is my first Hermés Birkin
    Orange 30cm Swift with silver Palladium hardware

    I hope this collection grows

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    birkin1.jpg birkin2.jpg birkinw:flash.jpg birkininbox.jpg
  2. :dothewave: :dothewave: This is a great bag! Congratulations. I like orange much more than potiron. I like how the color pops. Really really beautiful:yes:
  3. :wlae::wlae:CONGRATS!!:wlae::wlae:
  4. Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. WHOA!!!!!! I was just about ready to hit the sack and then I saw THIS!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Big CONGRATULATIONS to you and welcome to the dangerous ORANGE side!!!!!!!!
  6. ohhh ahhhh congrats!!!!!!!
  7. love the color, congrats!!
  8. ooh gorgeous! congrats!
  9. Beautiful! What a way to go...orange bag as you enter the orange side!

  10. Fabulous choice, Labelmom!
  11. Oooh, I love orange swift! Congrats!!
  12. WOW!!! It is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!
  13. label, I feel you will really love the Swift....you won't have to baby it.....

    Your Birkin is gooooood looking! Congratulations!
  14. Just Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
  15. So, so pretty! I love the color!

    Wear her in good health!