Oh How Im In Desperate Need !!


Always In Need Of...
Mar 17, 2008
Frome, UK
Ive longed for a marc jacobs stam for the past fewe years, yet always found a different bag to purchase, chloe paddington, chanel mulberry etc...

& Ive now decided the time has come to buy the stam :love:
But i cant decide on a colour. I love the petrol blue but it is quite "in your face" for me. Also a lover of the berry colour, do they still do this??/

AnyOne have any suggestions or recently spoken to any SA's about the stam!

Thanks :heart:

Promise to save....After Ive Got My Stam :girlsigh:


Sep 9, 2006
i would call your nearest mj boutique and ask about the new spring colors. grey and plum are especially beautiful. i'm sure the berry stam is still available and the sa's at the boutique will have more info on that too. if you happen to decide on petrol, just a warning that it'll be hard to find as it's discontinued. your best bet is ebay, but you won't get a deal on it since it's a highly coveted color. good luck!


Jan 12, 2007
Give the London store a call, 020 7399 1690, they're really helpful. Don't buy a Stam on ebay.uk unless you get with authenticated first as most are fake. Good luck and don't forget to post pics if you get one:smile: