oh how i wish the bags on sale would come down a bit more

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  1. i really do fancy the leopard bays but only at a price on the one in one out principle.
  2. I wish they would do a "final reduction" on some of them too.
  3. Once the website/shop sale is over, do you think the remaining stock would be sent to outlets with further reduction perhaps??
    I guess they risk complaint/return from the customer who had already bought the sale item online, if they reduce further now..?
  4. I'm curious - how big is a final reduction likely to be?
  5. I have to say, I can't recall them ever doing Final Reductions on the website :shrugs: I think the bags just go straight to the outlet and get sold at a slightly higher price for a bit. I think the Fuschia & Blue Mabels and Roxanne totes will probably hit the outlets at £416, rather than £297.

    Certainly that's what happened with the Annies, Emmies, Jonis etc. They're the only ones I really paid attention to.
  6. Yoy're right Ditab, the fuschia mabels are already at Bicester, priced £416
  7. That's a smidge saucy when they were £297 on the website!
  8. They'll come down drastically in the summer sale, I bet.
  9. Well I didn't know that, thank you for the info, ladies. At least Sales prices are kept 'special' for the customer who went for them, for the time being. Fair enough.
  10. I think they never sold for more than 50% reduction.
  11. The sale is ending soon .
  12. House of Frasers have 20% off all their sale bag. Some are up to 60% off. But the sale ends today I think