Oh, how I love my Edith Hobo

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  1. I am so happy with my Edith hobo. After all the trouble I went through to get her I was kind of worried that I'd experience buyers remorse and neglect her. Quite the contrary! I've used her every day for the past week and my college notebook fits in her perfectly along with my cosmetic bag, cell phone, giant sunglasses case, Nintendo DS, wallet, and all the little stuff. When I ride my bike to class she sits perfectly on my back with strap across my chest. I saw a thread a few weeks ago about how people didn't like the Edith hobo so after another wonderful day with her I thought I should write her a "love post" :p.
  2. I'm glad you love her! Are there pictures somewhere?
  3. Hello? Share pics!! hahaa :smile:
  4. Yea for you! I've been looking for an Edith and haven't really committed myself to it, but glad to hear you love it!
  5. Congrats! Post some pictures if you can!
  6. Great... the hobo looks like a really useful bag... I kick myself for passing one up last month...
  7. I'd also like to see pics if you have them. I saw one in gold last month IRL and didn't like it. If you have a different color I'd love to see it.
  8. Sorry ladies I forgot to take a picture yesterday and today and I already changed for bed! I'm going to be picking up job apps at the local department stores so I'm going to look extra cute tomorrow :smile:. So I'll def take pics!

    Here's one of just the bag:
  9. Woo... she is gorgeous! :smile:
  10. gorgeous, i'm so glad you love her!
  11. Love that leather! Congrats on the yummy bag!
  12. That is one cool unique bag. Congrats!
  13. What's the leather like on that one? Is it smooshy like a paddy? It looks smooshy in the pic.....

    That might work for a work bag....
  14. shopETOH, she's gotten very smooshy over the last few months. When I got her she was very stiff but she's really softened up. Here are a few pictures of her on me. I took them in my dorm hallway where there's a big mirror, so try to ignore the distracting bulletin board.



    This is how I wear her crossbody when I ride my bike to class:
  15. Oh, and thanks for all the wonderful compliments :cutesy:.