Oh, how I love a good Coach deal...

  1. My new official favorite store is Lord & Taylor. They ALWAYS have Coach on sale, and they even let you use 20% off coupons on the sale items! They had a whole TABLE of Bleecker Small Flaps and Hamptons Signature Hobo's. There was 1 leather Bleecker duffle and a few Hamptons Sig Stripe Medium Carryalls, as well as a couple patent wristlets.

    I got a Hamptons Signature Hobo for $160 [retails for $258] My mom decided she liked this bag better than the Sig Stripe Tote she got a month ago, so she gave the tote to me!! :yahoo:

    But thennn, we went to Nordstrom and they had [among others like a Plum Ergo and a black Bleecker duffle] an embossed leather Hamptons Hobo. My mom decided she liked the leather one better than signature, so she got that for $250-ish [retails for $370] and is returning the signature.

    Here are some pictures of my "new" tote, and my mom's bag! [And the one that's going back..]

    Thanks for reading, sorry that was kind of long..
    1.JPG 3.JPG 2.JPG
  2. beautiful :tup: Looks like you got the best deal ;)
  3. Wow what a deal! Congrats on the beautiful bags!
  4. Great purchases! I especially love the leather embossed bag. I'm a huge L&T fan myself. They had a ton of sale bags when I was there a couple of days ago.
  5. I still had to pay for the tote she gave me, hehehe. :p She knows better than to spoil me... :angel:
  6. WOW!!!! WTG! :tup:
  7. Man, I miss Lord and Taylor.. they pulled out of Texas a few years ago :sad:
  8. I'd LOVE Macy's if their coupons included Coach more often...
  9. love all the bags! Great bargains!:tup:
  10. Love the bags!! Great deals too!! Congrats!!
  11. ooooh... i LOVE signature stripe!! LUCKY!
  12. Great deals, too bad there is no L&T here in WA.
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:congrat's ...
  14. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  15. I absolutely fell in love with the hamptons embossed leather tote. It's such a classy bag, but it's got just enough spunk with the metal detailing! Congrats on your new finds!!!!!