Oh how fitting, reached my 2000th post before 1st! TPF anniversary!

  1. So this would be a totally valid excuse to splurge on a new handbag right?:graucho:
  2. LOL for 2000 dollars..you know, only to keep with the theme..
  3. Absolutely!:yes: But I'd wait to see if you win one of the ones Vlad has been teasing us with...:P

    Congrats on your 2000th!:yahoo:It's been great reading your posts! So glad you are here!:love:

    love, Pippi:flowers:
  4. congrats aarti!!!!
    yes 2000 is your budget :smile: yay!!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. :yes: I think it calls for just that!:yes:

  7. Congrats and keep posting! I've enjoyed your posts immensely!
  8. Congrats on reaching 2000!!!!!:yahoo: Here's to many more.:drinkup:
  9. Congrats, aarti! Love reading your posts.
  10. congrats!
  11. Congratulations Aarti:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Def think a new bag is in order!!:yes:
  12. Congratulations!!!!!
  13. A dollar per post for a handbag-- great idea! : )
  14. congrats-go for it! this milestone is totally in need of a handbag!
  15. Happy 2000th! Comes up quickly, don't it?