Oh, hiii there beauty

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  1. So my new baby has finally arrived. After a boutique accidentally sold my one 3 weeks ago to some woman who I SAW 4 days after carrying it. She confirmed where and the date she bought hers so I told her she was carrying my bag. She laughed but gripped the handle tighter while I called around cracking the whip on my SAs.

    I got the call this afternoon - isn't she a beauty? :love:
    Royal Blue Phantom in all python.
  2. My goodness! A huge congrats on your gorgeous bag!! It must feel so amazing!!
  3. Congrats!!!! Glad you were able to get a replacement.

    So funny how you actually met the lady who received your original bag.
  4. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  5. Oh it's just gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  6. Oh my G! Your Royal Blue Phyton is to die for! Oh my G!

    Congrats! Drooling right now!
  7. Please don't misunderstand me. Your blue python Phantom is breathtaking!

    ....but....it does remind me a tiny bit of Mystique from X-men :lol::sweatdrop::P
  8. She's a beauty! Love Love Love!
  9. Love it! Congrats!
  10. Hahaha! Good thing she was one of my favourite characters!!
  11. I know! Weird right! It was so random.

    Thanks ladies! Couldn't wait for you guys to see it
  12. Contrast! Absolutely gorgeous! You'll have so Much fun taking her out after waiting This long :smile: love to see pics then
  13. wow! celine has the best blue bags
  14. OMD. I die ... This blue is fabulous !!!M congrats !!!!!
  15. Congrats you! Colours always come alive in exotics.

    Man, I won't want to be one to come between you and your bags! Enjoy it. Post some fab modelling pics!