Oh help - which to choose


Next leather/color

  1. gold chamonix - GH - white stitching

  2. chocolate chamonix - PH

  3. ebene evergrain - GH

  4. indigo evergrain - Brushed GH

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  1. all these lovely pictures have inspired me to hunt for bag #3 now, rather than later.

    so i desperately need help as to which color to choose to help round out my collection (mind you, i prefer neutrals). this is what my collection looks like so far.

    - panama
    - black
    - etoupe
    - rouge h
    - rose dragee
    - havanne

    given that, what should i choose next? i'm kinda leaning towards something dark but tricia's kelly has me swooning. and i do wear various shades of brown but is one more dark brown bag too much? i kinda thought it might give my havanne a break. then again, there's indigo....

    what to do, what to do...

    thanks all!
  2. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but knowing the size and style of bags you already own would help a lot, I could then understand what kind of use you do with what you already have and consequently what wouldn't be a repeat purchase...:shrugs: . This is usually the way I take decisions for myself.:yes:
  3. ok, hopefully this helps.

    - panama clutch
    - black clutch
    - etoupe 35 cm
    - rouge h jpg
    - rose dragee 30 cm
    - havanne 30 cm

    btw this poll would be for a 32 cm.
  4. HL, I would say either Evergrain, b/c I don't like Chamonix....but that's just me...
  5. Okay, since your black one is a clutch I'll vote for the indigo, so that you have a dark bag (not clutch, I love clutches but they are not very practical, and the use I do af bags with handles that I can stuff with everything is very different). Also I choose indigo over ebene because you already have a couple of warm brownish or reddish colors, and you don't have any cold colors, whereas even if it's much darker I still feel that ebene is in the warm/brownish/reddish family. Hope this helps.
  6. Grazie, Duna!:flowers:
  7. Thank you, thank you!
  8. I voted for Gold - u can tell I am goldified :biggrin: but I am not sure about chamonix :shrugs: but based on color - sure !!!
  9. Also dont have a clue about chamonix but as for color... gold with white stitching...delicious!
  10. I voted gold chamonix only because I saw natural chamonix with contrast white stitching and it was one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. It is stunning! And from what I have heard from other members here, chamonix is not as delicate as it looks!
  11. I am thinking a bit of indigo would be a nice addition to your collection.
  12. Gold Chamonix OR indigo (but I prefer regular gold HW)

    This is so exciting!
  13. I agree that either the gold or indigo would add the most to your collection. Is the 32cm a Kelly or HAC?
  14. I vote indigo, for the same reasons trama turgo has above....
  15. I love indigo.