OH help - new obsession! the mini beloved and I have another in my cart

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  1. i am recently obsessed with this bag. I traded someone for a flat iron gray, then won a salmon on ebay, now got a concord off bonanzle, but just saw the Pansy and put it in my cart!!! do i really need 4 of the same bag?!?!?
    any one have a pansy - is it beautiful? I would probably whichever one I like the least. but still. help - should I, and any thoughts on Pansy?
    Thanks!! I have to leave for work but will look tonight for replies :smile: stupid work, interfering with my bag purchase, lol.
  2. I think you should decide whether or not the color will work with your wardrobe. I haven't heard much on here about pansy or seen it myself so I can speak on the color. I will say that alot of us become a little obsessed over a certain style when we first see it and go a little overboard and then try to resell it. You should really put some thought into if the color really works for YOU, because if you don't like the color, it may be hard to sell since RM resales don't seem to be doing to good lately unless its a highly desirable bag
  3. I agree. Make sure that the colours work for your wardrobe and also see if you actually need four of the same bag. You may love the bag now, but will you still be in love with the bag after using it for a while? Only you can know for sure!
  4. I haven't seen Pansy in real life, so can't comment on the color.

    And having 4 of the same bag is not a problem around here, lol. As long as you love them and use them :smile:
  5. Oh boy. Well I really can't comment since I tend to have lots of the same style in diff colors (ahem, the MAB), but I would agree with other poster to really think about the color first. Good luck, the mini beloved is a great style.
  6. I am right there with ya! I have a love for Mini B! I have had 6 at one point. I have 5 now but trying to downsize a bit with the ones that I really love and the colors that work best for me.

    Good luck though, I think we all have gone through this with Rm once you get your first. The obsession has begun...:noggin:
  7. the mini beloved is a great style but in all honesty i agree with all the ladies here on slowing down a bit.

    you just bought 3 of the same style (in amazing leathers BTW, concord and FIG are 2 of my faves) so you might want to try enjoying those for a while.

    i completely understand that you're infected with the 'RM fever', i fell in love with the MAM style and at one point had TEN of the same style.

    i now have 2 mam's.

    as one of the ladies mentioned, resales are pretty much in the dumps right now. i sold off somewhere like 20 bags because i bought WAY too many RM's last year and i lost nearly 50% on each bag i sold (and only wore them about 2 or 3 times).

    so just enjoy what you have for a bit and if you really need to "feed the itch" then i'm sure you can find the bag later on.
  8. Go for it! If you love them, there's nothing wrong with having multiple colors of the same bag. I have 4 devotes, 2 mams and I lost count of my nikkis around 9 or 10. I have to agree with the other posters though, you should put alot of thought into each color choice. I have 3 or 4 nikkis that I would NOT have bought had I seen them in person.
  9. I have a pansy MB (and concord!). It's a great color for the spring/summer seasons. I don't think you have to worry about it too much and a good lilac bag can be htf at times... so I would get it! The color is kind of a lilac-grey, which is why I like it.
  10. As another obsessed RM fan, I agree with the ladies in picking the bags you KNOW will work well with your wardrobe but I also understand that when you want a bag, you want it! There is nothing wrong with having the same bag in multiple colors. Let's face it, most members of TPF are on the quest to find "the perfect bag". And when we do, we want it in every color.

    My only advice is that sales are very slow so if you get a color that's not real popular and you don't like it, you may own it for a long time!
  11. i did get it. no self control. i have the concord too - just got it in the mail yesterday and love it. :smile: i rearranged my closet today mostly to have more purse room. oh boy.
  12. Great, Concord can be your fall/winter purple, and Pansy can be your Spring/Summer 'purple'!
  13. Oh I feel for you. You are in good company though :nuts: We all just need really big walk-in closets. That would solve the problemo.