OH HELLO, MS. GINA B, is there something that you need to share with us?

  1. i know you just picked up an SO the other day, is there a something blue you need to share with us? im dying to hear about it! and so is the rest of the forum! :yahoo:

    p.s. to mods - pls. feel free to close this thread whenever our ms. gina b starts her new thread. or whenever you think it needs to be closed. tia.
  2. OMG!!! If it is what I think it is - it's ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!:drool:
  3. I saw it in the blue color thread!!!! *thud* (that's me hitting the floor as I pass out*)
  4. Wow I Like Anything Blue!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. :shocked::love::tup::drool:
  7. :drool::drool::drool::nuts:
  8. im dying here - someone call 911!
  9. That is one hot purse!! Congrats...
  10. HOLY CRAP!!! :drool:
    What an incredible colour!
  11. Omg
  12. :wtf:SPECS. NEED SPECS.
  13. Kelly 28 in bleu roi porosus crocodile w/PH :heart:
  14. Congratulations, Gina!! :drinkup:What a beautiful & elegant croc Kelly!

    You have the most exquisite taste! :heart::heart::heart:
  15. Thank you...gigi!