OH HECK....What is this new message about?

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  1. Under everything I've bought I'm seeing this... Why would they say problem with the item? Why wouldn't they say, love the item or problems. To me this sends one message, LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

    eBay Note: You haven't left feedback yet. Problem with the item? Don't miss the deadline for filing a dispute .[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I found that same thing under an item I just bought YESTERDAY! Of course I haven't left feedback yet, duh! Maybe a glitch in ebays system???:shrugs:
  3. I have that too now. Maybe it's a new thing, that will TRULY get on my nerves very quickly!!
  4. I've gotten the same message and I'm not too keen on it. I've done just fine all these years managing my own feedback.
  5. i don't like it. it makes me think that there's something wrong with the transaction when there isn't. i can understand putting that as a reminder after 14 days have passed or something, but it's under stuff i've bought literally an hour ago!

    i don't like the beta version either that it's just tried to confuse me with :sad: i don't see what is wrong with normal ebay, they're trying to introduce all these new features and policies and it's just putting people off.
  6. ewwww it's even worse if you've bought multiple items from someone. i bought 3 items from someone and it appears like this:

    seller's name
    ebay note
    ebay note
    ebay note
    item 1
    ebay note
    item 2
    ebay note
    item 3
    ebay note

    6 reminders for 3 items, especially when i only bought them a couple of days ago?! I GET THE MESSAGE!
  7. Ok, hmm just signed into my buyers account. Yep message there for three last transactions (all this week). This is interesting, the 'note' even shows up on the transaction I already left feedback 2x days ago [​IMG]