Oh heck - think I've just bought a fake Miu Miu Coffer

  1. In a moment of madness I bid on a Miu Miu suede Coffer last night on eBay. I haven't got a clue why I thought it was legit - the price was too low, but I love the bag and got carried away. I have just found the same bag on iOffer using the same pictures so I'm pretty sure it's fake. I contacted the seller and told them not to bother sending the bag because I think it's fake and they emailed back and said the iOffer seller stole their pictures. Which I find hard to believe - the eBay seller has sold a couple of other bags by Mulberry and the pictures were from the same iOffer seller, and the iOffer seller's other pictures look like they were taken in the same place.

    So I emailed the eBay seller back and asked them to prove that the bag is genuine as stated in their listing. They have yet to respond.

    What should I do? I can't open a PayPal dispute yet as it's too soon to report them for non-delivery and I haven't received the goods yet.
  2. Sometimes I make the same mistake and before paying I email the seller asking if they have any doubt of authenticity to please end the transaction. I would say that you are prepared to take it to the MiuMiu or Prada store nearest you...this usually sorts out those selling known fakes...no one wants a negative. Another idea is to ask a specific question relevant to the bag that only an authentic bag would have. This lets the seller know you know your merchandise. Good Luck.
  3. Please email me or post the item number
  4. I've done the exact same thing and it was a lesson learnt. Unknowingly bought a fake suede coffer..had a bad feeling when the seller was very evasive about my questions on authenticity. She ignored my request not to send the bag and for a full refund. I received the fake bag and now am stuck. Awaiting my cc company to investigate and hopefully they will do a chargeback. In your case, I would ask for a refund and agree to pay her ebay listing fees and tell her you dont want the bag.
  5. Did you pay for the bag? If you did and your seller won't refund immediately, get it authenticated and if it's a fake file a dispute and escalate to claim when you receive the bag. Paypal is pretty good with refunding buyers. They'll ask you to send a letter from a third party backing your claims up, but they'll take virtually anything, including my poupette. I just filed a item not as described cause it was a fake and sent the item back on monday and my account has been credited today.
  6. Item number 320082402524

    The seller is acting the injured party - I've reported the iOffer seller for stealing my pics yada yada yada. Give me a couple of days to prove authenticity they're now saying.
  7. Oh you've got to laugh - apparently it's ex-display. And he wants my bank account number so he can give me a refund.

    You've gotta laugh haven't you?
  8. Ok...you are definitely being scammed. I would try and tell him that you will report him to ebay and paypal and take it to Miu Miu. Once Miu Miu see it is a fake you will not be able to control if they decide to take it up with the authorities....that should scare him enough to refund you....I hope.
  9. He now wants me to ring him. I've already told him I'm going to report him and now he's accusing me of threatening him. OK now I'm scared. He's told me he can't give me a PayPal refund because of limits on his account. That's bull. If he had a limit on his account he wouldn't have been able to withdraw my money in the first place.
  10. He's now agreed to send me a cheque today by recorded delivery for the full amount. Hope this will get sorted today. No more late night ebaying for me. :sad:
  11. Aw Ali

    Sorry to hear that. Yes we all get caught up in the late night ebaying - I'm a prime candidate for that mysel!!!

    It's weird that he can't just refund you credit card as thats what I had done recently.

    Lets hope this cheque isn't made of the rubber variety!

    Keep us posted
  12. Let's all report the current listing as counterfeit.
    SHut this person down!

  13. good idea gro doing it now ! :yes:
  14. OK so his other 'designer' bag has now been removed, and he's given me a tracking number for an uncrossed postal order he has sent to me. I'll let you know if I receive it tomorrow. Either that or he's sent me a postal order so I don't find out HIS bank details (shame I was going to take it to the Police).

    Maybe this guy has been duped too? Whatever, I think I might have a lucky escape on this one.
  15. what kind of money order is he sending you? Make sure it is a legit one. Sometimes it takes a month for the bank to figure out that the MO was a fake.