OH HECK NO Budgetnistas!!!!

Fay I thought u said u wanted emerald (green)? I want the white because Ive been wanting a white purse for so long!!! And I dont have to feel guilty bcuzz its more of an Ecru or Eggshell than wedding dress white. I HATE wedding dress white-on brides and winter purses....
hmmm no, the green looks too green. i was hoping for a moodier green. but i do like the black and the brown color... the orange one even looks nice, will have to go check them all out in person!
fendifemale said:
Open the: OK Budgetnistas! thread.

And I just found two codes, one for free shipping, one for 20% off, and they are combinable, I believe!

shipping BRFREE
20% $125 BRHOL3
20% $200 BRHOL2

Or for just a plain 15% off your order BRHOLBOX

Happy shopping girls!! :nuts: