OH HECK NO Budgetnistas!!!!

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  1. It comes in white!!!!! And tobacco, and emerald green, and cognac, and .......:love: chalk kemp.jpg
  2. ooooooo, so which one to get???
  3. Ultra cute .loving the white
  4. Fay I thought u said u wanted emerald (green)? I want the white because Ive been wanting a white purse for so long!!! And I dont have to feel guilty bcuzz its more of an Ecru or Eggshell than wedding dress white. I HATE wedding dress white-on brides and winter purses....
  5. White, white, white!
  6. hmmm no, the green looks too green. i was hoping for a moodier green. but i do like the black and the brown color... the orange one even looks nice, will have to go check them all out in person!
  7. I love this bag - the strap is sensational! It's gorgeous in white!
  8. What kind of bag is it?
  9. The white is so pretty!....but then again, so is the green. Uh-oh, I think I want one now......:smile:
  10. I say cognac!
  11. Open the: OK Budgetnistas! thread.
  12. And I just found two codes, one for free shipping, one for 20% off, and they are combinable, I believe!
    GO QUICKLY!!!!

    shipping BRFREE
    20% $125 BRHOL3
    20% $200 BRHOL2

    Or for just a plain 15% off your order BRHOLBOX

    Happy shopping girls!! :nuts:
  13. Man I gotta get to Houston.....
  14. Can't you just buy it online? With free shipping and all...you can always send it back if you don't care for it.
  15. Yeah but spending the whole day in Houston is fun. Plus a good excuse to tell my mom. Shhhhhsh* (yes Im in my mid 20's and still scared of momma)!