Oh heck - I'm sunk - just saw rose Mabel!

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  1. As I was racing around John Lewis buying birthday pressies today, I took a quick detour to the Mulberry bags. Sitting there in all its gorgeousness was a rose Mabel. Girls, I have fallen in love. :heart::yes:
    It was totally divine and I really loved the colour. I'm now totally convinced I've been taken over by another being or DH has turned me into a Stepford Wife as I just don't 'do' pale pinks at all!! :nuts:
    This may be a gotta have it bag.
    Also spotted white Roxy (OK but not my cup of tea); Sohos aplenty, big oak Seth, Antony, Somerset.
  2. do you think it would get terribly dirty??!
  3. Ok sarajane let's be practical here. Do you reckon this pink bag thing is likely to subside and then you'll be left thinking why on earth you've got so many pink bags when next autumn hits. Do you prefer it to the red mabel? Does it fit on your shoulder?
    It is a beautiful bag but as hulahoop says it'll get dirty in no time!
    Convince me you need another pink bag! I feel like your mother!!!!
  4. SJ - are you by any chance taking too much PMS medicine? Think about this one as you already have magenta Hanover.....

    Do what I did and go buy a lovely girlie scarf!! Another pink lippie or have your toes painted!!

    Am I getting thru???? Cus, if not, Jo might ground you!!!
  5. um is this a good time to remind you of your ban?
  6. You just saw it???
    I have been drooling for weeks, but it would get dirty knowing me.
    Nice to look at...I should just put it on my wall as art!
  7. Is starting to think SJ should not be allowed in shops on her own.
  8. We should barrage her with PM's!!!!!!

    This from someone who just ordered a pink laptop..... oops
  9. IF YOU LOVE IT ....go for it SJ. There must be some leather cleaner for mulberry bags.
  10. P.S. Have a great weekend with your Mum away from the kids
  11. Do you have a pic?
  12. OK, ok, it's like having a dozen mothers with you lot!
    Jo - You're completely right but I gave myself a real shock when I realised I liked it much more than the red Mabel - they were sitting alongside each other on the shelf! It was all wired up so I didn't try it and I'm pretty sure it won't go over my chunky arms!!!
    Kroquet - PMS, moi? No, I'm always sweetness & light (yeah right!). Did just that actually and bought a real pink lippie & a navy & pink polka dot scarf!! You are a mind reader. By the way, pink laptop, how gorgeous - I'm so fed up with sharing my PC with DH & kids that I'm going to get one & I think it may have to be pink!
    Riff - ooh, yes, whoops, forgot about the bag ban!!
    Aine - Thanks! Looking forward to a girlie weekend.
  13. Wait for the sale...
  14. ... it´s just that the Gemini and patience thing could ruin that idea... What do you think SJ?:p
  15. I feel your mabel pain! I saw the mono (black and white) mabel today in the flesh...........its lovely, wish I could have a mono mabel and red mabel. Still not loving agyness though!