Oh, Happy Day!!

  1. LOL, that title must have been used a million times...

    But this is my first bbag and I'm blown away by the beauty of this colour, just exactly what I hoped for, I really see what all the fuss is about...(could be fatal..)

    This is Electric Blue..colour is deeper and more intense IRL, love it to death!



  2. Congratulations maggie! Hopefully this is the first of many....the color is so gorgeous, matches the sky in your avatar!
  3. congrats. I'm so envious. The EB GSH City I'm eyeing for is out of stock
  4. Congrats!! I can't wait until they release the EB SGH Day!

    sparkle2008 - Have you tried AR? Last time I checked they still had it in stock
  5. Congrat!
    That is such a beautiful bag! :tender:
  6. CONGRATS!!! That's a GORGEOUS EB Day.
  7. EB, never disappoints!
  8. :woohoo:Modeling shots are next!!:popcorn:
  9. :heart: it!! EB is gorgeous on the Day!!
  10. Ohh Ohhhh.. The leather looks great!!! COngrats! modelling pic soon..
  11. Thanks all of you!:smile:

    As this is my first bbag, I've got nothing to compare the leather to, just soft and smooshy, just given it a couple of coats of leather protection, hope that goes well...
  12. Maggie, congratulations, your first BBag is absolutely gorgeous. I fear you're now in danger of Balenciaga fever being upon you!
  13. Its so beautiful!!! Congrats, Enjoy it!
  14. i love eb more and more!
  15. Spectacular! Congrats on a lovely bag!