Oh happy day!!!

  1. I got the LV bug about a month ago, and ooooh am I havin' fun! I just got my Pomme Brentwood today and I LOVE it! :woohoo: Yesterday I got the Damier Hampstead MM and for Christmas the MC Griet, Pomme PTI, and a great pair of LV earrings! :yahoo:!
    I am loving my new collection and can't wait to use them! I would love to post pics, but I have not been able to (for some reason, my pic files are "too large", I think that I have to find a way to transfer at a lower resolution).

    This forum has made shopping for my new collection even more fun!! :tup: Thanks for all the size (GM vs MM) and color advice! You gals/guys are the best!!:tup:
  2. yay, looking forward to the pics!
  3. Congrats, pics pics pics! :biggrin:
  4. where are the pics?? :smile:
  5. congrats on yr purchase and love ot see yr modeling pics..:tup:
  6. Congrats on your latest additions.
  7. congrats!!! it's a great collection! can't wait to see the pics!
  8. congrats!! lucky you to have started acquiring several pieces in such a short length of time :smile: and like everyone else has said: pics pics pics please! :smile: LOL
  9. Waitin' for the pics.

  10. I have tried and tried to post pics :cursing: but my pic files are too big. I have resaved them at a lower resolution but they are still too large. I had an IT guy that was supposed to be here today and I was gonna ask him when he was here, but then he called and rescheduled for Monday. Hopefully I will get it figured out then...I have to be able to post pics to play on tPF!! Oh well, no pics for now :confused1:. I will figure it out soon. Meanwhile, off for a night out with one of my new lovelies! :smile: :tup: Hope you all have a great weekend!! :smile:
  11. congrats on your new goodies!!!
  12. Congrats
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats!! Sounds like you have a lovely collection and like you've been doing some serious shopping. Don't you love it!? :happydance:
  15. Congrats on the new purchases! You can try resizing with imageshack (google it!), I had to do that too because my picture files were too big! It will give you a link to put up and it should work! (somone from TPF suggested it to me!)