Oh happy day! DH just surprised me! :)

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  1. I have been cleaning our house ALLLLLLLLLLL day today, we have company coming from out of state for my daughter's birthday party this weekend so I had to do extra good...lol...anyway, I am BEAT. So my DH comes home from work and says he has a surprise for me....
    From behind his back he hands me a $200 Nordstrom gift card! He won it at work for being the top sales guy for the quarter! (he's in technology/telecom market) What a sweetie I married! He coulda used it for himself, but he treats me like a princess! Sigh..... :girlsigh:

    Now....what to get.....lol! I might just go get some clothes.
  2. AWWW...that was so sweet of him!!!!
  3. awww how sweet! before you go and spend it on clothes, dont forget to check if they have any coach on clearance...sometimes they have really good deals.
  4. AWWw lucky you, what a sweet DH you have!
  5. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! That is awesome, and what a sweetie!
  6. That is sooo sweet! Sounds like you've got a great DH! I know that I would first check the Coach section, then maybe I'd still have some left for clothes...maybe:nogood:
  7. Awwww.....that is so sweet of your DH.
  8. So sweet of your DH. :smile:
  9. Wow How sweet & thoughtful :smile:
  10. That is very sweet! Kudos to him for being so thoughtful :smile:
  11. I know! He's a GOOD DH! :smile:

    I'll certainly check out the Coach section first!!!! I do have my priorities! LOL!
  12. Yay - that is so nice - I love a surprise present!! If my DH came home w/a Nordstrom gift card and didnt give it to me, he'd be in big trouble, mister!
    Yes definitely check out the clearance table for Coach - some stores have great bags at times. I'd also be at the MAC counter - another one of my loves!
  13. awww.. thats the sweetest thing!
  14. Awww what a sweetie!!!!
    But I have to intervene.. clothes?!?!?! Come on! They carry Coach girlfriend!!!!!!! :graucho: :rochard:

  15. Fields, everytime you post that head-banging mohawk dude I all but spit my Diet Dr. Pepper at the monitor!!