Oh great, theres another cute wannabe-firebird red turnlock teri!


Which color do you like more?

  1. Cordovan (Deep berry red)

  2. Poppy (Bright red)

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Look what just came out on neimanmarcus.com! Its a poppy red totally turnlock teri and now im pissed! I just bought the cordovan because I figured theres no way im going to get my hands on a teri in the firebird color and now I am totally unsure about which color I like better, the Cordovan or the Poppy!? What do you like better?

    1st pic: poppy
    2nd pic: cordovan

    PS for those who dont know what firebird is: its a beautifully hued shade of lipstick red that was used in the totally turnlock line a while back.
    NMV044Q_mn.jpg NMV02LV_an.jpg
  2. I like the cordovan, it's a really pretty deep red that would match a lot of stuff. The poppy is pretty but a little too orange IMO.
  3. I prefer the Cardovan. The poppy is too bright for me.
  4. ITA!! :yes: Cordovan looks like a much more versatile color.
  5. Pretty colors...

    If I remember correctly, when the Turnlock line first came out, there was some discrepancy in how the colors would look IRL. The poppy and cordovan might not be as bright as they seem...not that bright isn't a good thing.
  6. i voted for cordovan because i like how the color looks in the picture better than the orange-y poppy. suli does have a point though. even the mj website doesn't provide an accurate representation of a bag's true color. being that it's the official site, you'd think they would be more accurate than anyone. another thing to consider is that all of our computer monitor settings are different. the colors i see may not be the color that's showing up on your end. with those reasons alone, the poppy might be the prettier color irl.
  7. I'm the odd man out with a vote for poppy
  8. Cordovan
  9. Cordovan, I love the deep red color.
  10. I prefer the cordovan - I dont know if its my screen but the poppy appears more orangey/coral to me than red.
  11. I like the cordovan much better!
  12. I would have to see the Poppy IRL since as many people said, the photos aren't exactly always accurate! But I think I would still prefer Cordovan.
  13. Cordovan!
  14. Cordovan
  15. The poppy is fun, but definitely for maximum usage, the cordovan. Gorgeous colors!