Oh great, now I am hooked on Qees too.. :oP

  1. Damn you LVixen and Maya... lol j/k.:p. But now I am hooked on Qees for my Tokis.. These are all the ones I have gotten so far.. Show me yours... :tup:

    I have no idea where I am going to put her, but she's just so cool that I had to get it...

    She's on my Tan Playground Ciao Ciao

    I'm going to put this on my Inferno Zucca until I can find the one I really want...

    Sir Catalot is on my Foresta Ciao Ciao..

    On My Pirata Zucca for now..

    On My Paradiso Zucca for now...
  2. *LOL* she has a snake crotch :p
  3. Dont know but I think he's so cool.. Like Something out of Nightmare before Chistmas or MirrorMask...


    I have no idea where to put him but I LOVE Him..

    Here's prob going on my Paradiso Zucca.. But dunno yet...

    lol again I have no clue but he's just so cute...

    So that's it...for now..lol.. :p:shame::girlsigh:
  4. LoL.. yes she does.. My boy qees better watch out..lol :graucho::angel::whistle:
  5. I saw the united states line..there was one for Hawaii...she is so cute but not available yet- I would love to put her on my spiaggia:heart:
  6. I put the Hawaii qee on my Spiaggia zucca and it's super cute!!
  7. where can you buy Qees other than on eBay? :wlae:
  8. I've only bought from qeester.com, but there are a few other sites out there if you just Google "qee".
  9. I'm so sad... I missed all the qees I wanted to get today :crybaby: my bf and I were watching oceans 12 and I forgot to check eBay!
  10. Which ones were they?
  11. Yeah.. Ditto... Maybe they have more then one and relist them...:yes:
  12. :wtf: What's the name of this one!! Its sooooooo cuuute!! I love the cat qees and this one says "Ramune" on its arm! haha! I love those!
  13. what's the ones with the square eyes and the building like thingy's on their bodies called?

    I can't find it on the website. :[
  14. Miss: Dana - He's here on qeester
    And I got him from this seller on eBay.. He only has one left...
    He is one of my fav. It's one of the cutest qees I have.. And I love the message in a bottle on his back.. so cute...:yes:

    Happy toki : He isnt on qeester... His name is (the blue one) Night City Cat by Wood. And the orange one is Sun-set Cat City by Wood.. I got them off this seller.. He's always relisting more...

    Hope that helps...:tup:
  15. It's actually a Ramune drink bottle. It's a Japanese carbonated drink with a little marble at the top. I grew up on those... I love the taste, but the ones sold here in Hawaii seem to taste a lot like non-lemon Sprite.