Oh gosh...look what I just found!

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  1. I was looking at Craigs list and found a "Coach" purse for sale. The seller had this web site posted!

    I have seen tons of these purses on Ebay lately. This is such a shame! I know that there are sites all over the place that do this...but, how on earth can it be legal???

  2. OMG! And to top it all off they are using drilldown pictures for some of these bags! The prices are totally crazy for a fake bag. I would contact Coach about this because in the patchwork one they write out Coach on one of the patches which has to be illegal! This is crazy..
  3. It isn't legal.
  4. That is just sad! I hate seeing things like that!
  5. wow...yeah a few of those pictures are straight from coach..which is not only misleading but has to be illegal--and VERY irritating that they are making knockoffs of our lovely real bags (like my sig tote:cursing:) I can't imagine why someone would pay such high prices whent hey could jsut go to ebay and get a real coach purse!? ugh:shrugs:
  6. I can't BELIEVE the prices either. For the price of one of the fakes, you can get an authentic bag...
  7. Those are awful, but I particularly liked the Coach "Carly Chelsea Hampton Weekend" tote. :roflmfao:
  8. OMG...:wtf: I can not believe the prices on these nasty bags!! Are they serious?? WHY would people pay over a hundred dollars for cheap fakes? I just don't get it...:Push::nogood:
  9. Um $180+ for those FUGS?!?!!
    I can't believe they get people to work for them.
  10. EWW this is terrible!! Who would buy those bags for that price when you can get an AUTHENTIC coach bag for 100+
  11. ^Some people have no options and need to pay their bills...they probably don't even know what they are getting into, you know? It's not like people working for them are true fashionistas who even know what Fendi is - I bet they are thinking that they sell real Coaches...and by the time they find out they aren't, they may not be able to leave the job! Eep!
  12. For those prices someone could get a real purse at the outlets. Those bags look nasty!!! :throwup:
  13. Those are some yucky looking bags. I can't believe the prices either!! I got several authentic bags for less than what they are selling those things for.

    I was in Galleria with a friend last July and saw this bag...

    friend: "Look, that's cute."
    Me.. quietly: "fake"
    Friend: "glad I have you to tell me these things"
  14. Why are people paying that much for a fake bag? If you can't afford it go to the outlets or wait for a sale.
  15. omg.............. those are "high quality" handbags.... let me tell ya

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