OH Gosh I think I made a mistake

  1. So my DH got me the BH today off of eluxury for my birthday. I'm just wondering if I should have gotten the Neverfull instead. I was going against it at 1st b/c of all the "issues" but i still love that bag. Gosh now I'm wondering if I should take my chances with it and cancel my order of the BH and get the NF? ugh. :confused1:
  2. hummm....why dont you wait and see if you like the BH once you get it...and if not then exchange it.
  3. Try to see if you can cancel the order for the Neverfull to get the BH.

    Good luck and please keep us updated. ;)
  4. elux does free exchanges regardless so dont worry if youve changed your mind!!
  5. What a sweety of a dh. Why don't you wait till you see the bh before deciding against it. Happy Birthday! Good luck!
  6. I really like both bags. I would wait until you get it, if then you are still having second thoughts, then exchange it.
  7. Ok thanks guys! I'm feeling better. I just freaked! :hysteric: I'm going to relax and enjoy it and decide once I get her!
  8. Great post pics when it arrives.I love the BH and the Neverfull,lol.

    Happy Birthday!
  9. I think you should keep what your sweet hubby ordered you if you like the bag when it arrives. You have the Damier neverfull on your list and this way you can still go for the Damier neverfull when it comes out this Fall and not have the same style bag in both patterns! You will have the best of the best then, You helped me figure out what to do with my new Neverfull Pm which was still in plastic, I'm sending this beautiful bag back and am going to get it in the Damier when it comes out. Like you, I love, Love the styling of the Neverfull but really if the problem with the monogram's leather is already surfacing with those using their bag only a few times, it will only get worse until LV figures out how to fix this problem. With the Damier neverfull, you will not have to worry about anything rubbing and showing up on the chocolate leather and this way you have 2 beautiful bags, the monogram from your hubby and the neverful in a no-problem Damier, two styles in 2 patterns! Thank you for helping me out earlier!!!:smile:
  10. i really like that sentence it sounds cool ! :p

    but i hope everything works out you never know you might just love the BH ;)
  11. I'd wait and see. Personally I prefer the BH over the Neverfull, but definitely if you don't feel the BH, go into LV again and do a comparison and see which one's calling your name more!!
  12. i prefer the BH over neverfull...looks more "balanced" KWIM.
  13. I also prefer the BH over the NF ;)
  14. Keep the BH and wait for the damier neverfull :smile:
  15. I would get the bh now.