oh gosh, i fell in love w/ the jumbo...ro

  1. after purchasing the ultimate soft, the med.clasic flap and the gst w/ silver hw...i have totaly fallen in love w the jumbo...but fund is limited, so if i have to give up one, which one should i give up??
  2. If it was me, I would give up the medium classic for the jumbo.
  3. Did you ever really love the GST/silver HW or did you just keep it because it was hard to find? I say get rid of that one because you weren't sure about it, when you first bought it.
  4. yeah, that is what i am leaning towards as well...but....still unsure
  5. Umm.... very tough choice!
    But I think you should give up the medium purse for a jumbo classic ;)
  6. Yeah, drop medium for jumbo :yes:
  7. I agree also...give up the medium for the Jumbo..just b/c the two are so similair
  8. I'd give up the ultimate soft. The medium flap, jumbo flap, and GST are classics IMO.
  9. Oh it is a very tough decision! But if I were you, give up the medium and go with the jumbo. It's much the same! Goodluck!
  10. how much is the jumbo?
  11. sell the medium for a jumbo flap
  12. I'd say the medium classic.
  13. I would also give up the medium flap for the jumbo. I much prefer bigger bags and the medium is a bit small for me.
  14. yep i agree, the jumbo is like a large version of the medium, so i'd return/sell the med flap!
  15. I agree too...give up the medium and go for jumbo!!