Oh gosh! 12A Bronze vs Copper! What's the difference?

  1. Hi TPFers, I have just reserved a Bronze jumbo but realised that there's a copper as well!
    I saw the bronze from here:

    Any ideas how the copper is compared to the bronze. Are the pictures true to color for the above?

    I have a 12A dark gold so I am hoping they fare quite differently in colors. Somehow I just love this season's earth colors. Got the brown pondichery too.....Arrgh, husband is making a lot of noise!

    Any input and pics are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Copper is available at Hirsch, i'm sure someone will post in the authentic finds thread?
  3. There is a copper jumbo and copper medium lamb flap in the Authentic Chanel Finds thread that Yodaling1 posted pg 193. The copper lamb medium flap will definitely have to be my next purchase it looks beautiful!
  4. Hi ladies I have received the 12A bronze but the tag says "khaki". Not sure why. Read somewhere it's bronzy khaki? Some says "khaki" is "taupe". I am not sure at all but I am sure mine is a metallic bronze from 12a. See the pics. Just came in today!

  5. I will be comparing this 12A bronze with the 12A prefall dark gold. This is the dark gold

  6. Ok let's start. Enjoy:

    image-617605053.jpg image-3051897035.jpg image-2306822498.jpg image-832140922.jpg
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    The above pics are taken in much natural light. The bronze stays true to its color but the dark gold looks pinkish under natural light. The dark gold is reflective but the bronze is matte. V matte I feel. I believe under warm lights both look more similar. Will add more pics later
  8. I love your copper!!!! Thanks for posting all these pix. Do you think it'll be a good everyday flap? I'm looking for something like this but want to use it everyday.
  9. Tell me more about the color and finish.... Is it as it appears in pictures. Is there some shine....
    Congratulations! !
  10. It's bronze. I won't use it as everyday. Looks more fragile than the caviar black.... Its lamb. Hmmm... The shimmer gives it some glam. Maybe something dressier?
  11. There's slight glimmer to it. It is lamb feel but not the buttery soft type. A little taut and dry feel....
  12. I have been contemplating a m/l in this for evenings....does it look like a dark gold, or a true bronze..... Do u think it's finish is too fragile like many of the metallic finish lambskins or does it feel more durable..... I completely agree that it's an evening bag!
  13. Hmm.., v difficult to answer questions... It's truly hard to pin a color to it. It's like gold to me actually but it's term bronze which has a shade of it too... It's definitely not khaki to me but some may even say yellowish brown? I think this color goes well with beige/ ivory/ silverish and black theme clothes. It looks glammer than the beige with ghw so I think a m/l for evening is pretty! To me I think it's durable.
  14. I am very excited to see it IRL! Looks gorgeous :smile:
  15. thanks for the comparison pics!

    I had a 11P bronze in metallic lamb that was labeled the same way. The box says one thing while the tag says the other. In Chanel bronze = khaki. ;)

    I love your dark gold too. :love: would love to see mod pics of your dark gold. It's still my favorite color. Love the pinkish undertone.