Oh God, you girls are making me get a Legacy shoulder!

  1. Well I'm looking for a largish work bag and everyone keeps talking about the Legacy Shoulder and now I MUST have it! I like the Signature AND the leather and I can't choose! Coach - LEGACY LEATHER SHOULDER BAG also I love the colors, do any of you have a fave? I need to be assured it'll be worth the purchase and it will hold all I need it to hold. I'm mainly torn between Sig and Leather. Thanks!
  2. LEATHER! That leather is amazing and unlike anything else Coach makes. You can get almost anything in signature.
  3. we rock. :devil:

    go for leather, absolutely. like bethy said, you can ALWAYS get signature- but this leather is unique and tdf.
  4. Leather!!! Like kallison said, it's TDF! But, I'm somewhat biased as I've never cared for signature bags.
  5. What colors do you girls like if I got the leather? I'm kinda meh on the black but the others look nice!
  6. Candy - if that's your photo avitar I'd say go with Whiskey. It'll be absolutely stunning on you!!!
  7. I would say definitely whiskey, but only problem is that it's pretty much sold out and not being sold on coach.com anymore. :crybaby: The whiskey color is just TDF. Other than that I do like the black and the pond as well. The color of pond on coach.com doesn't do it justice IMO. Some of the other ladies here have posted pics of their new bags in pond, and it's really very pretty.

    I'm actually considering getting the shoulder bag in black or pond. Not sure if I will or which color I'd get, but I already have the whiskey. :smile:
  8. Candy...I am totally with you. I've been totally lusting over the Legacy. *sigh* Wish that bonus would hurry up!
  9. Im A Legacy Leather Wh*re !

    To Me The Leather/style Is Perfect.
  10. LOL I'm with you cha cha!! I'm totally in love with the legacy leather! :heart: :heart:
  11. Candy:

    I have the Legacy Leather Shoulder bag in Whiskey.
    I ordered mine from the Coach Mohegan Sun Store in Connecticut.
    They have the thick beautiful burnished whiskey leather that
    is the original Legacy leather which Coach came out with in
    October 2006. If I were you I would order from them. They
    shipped it to me free of charge. Their number is 860-889-1771.
    By the way the Legacy Leather shoulder bag is no longer in whiskey
    at coach.com so I would not delay in ordering. Good Luck. Liz;)
  12. (chants) ONE OF US . . . ONE OF US . . .


    Welcome to the shoulder bag club! I, like other ladies here, are a bit biased, but I would go with the whiskey leather as a first choice, pond as a second.

    It's such a great bag - you'll love it! Post pics when you get her!
  13. Gotta agree with everyone here! Go for the leather! I have both black and pond and love them both! If you don't have a lot of brown bags then go with whiskey but if you can't find it, any of the other colors are fabulous too! Pond is another color that is probably a "once it's gone, it's gone" color as well so if you love it, get it now! Welcome to the club!
  14. I agree!! I'd go for the Whiskey leather one-I have it and absolutely love it! :love:
  15. :roflmfao: Me too!